Oktober 24, 2016

CA4LA, Tokyo-Harajuku

CA4LA, Harajuku Komiya Building, 1F/2F, 6-29-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

Tokyo-based CA4LA (pronounce: Ka-shi-la) sells and creates hats, caps, caskets, hunting caps, knitted head-wear, berets, hair bands, sun visors, accessories and more for clientele who are mostly in their 10s and 20s.
Some 70% of CA4LA’s merchandise is made and designed in Japan. The brand goes way beyond the old formality of the conventional hat shop and has created its very own concept of head-wear, making it once again an essential part of fashion. The reason that the majority of young Japanese wear some kind of head-wear can be attributed to CA4LA…