Januar 28, 2017

The Creative Family by Daisaku Ikeda

«What I call the creative family is like a school where people work for their own and for others' self-improvement, drawing on the love that flows between them. I can conceive of nothing more magnificent than human beings working on broaden and enrich themselves, their efforts spreading out from husband and wife to parent and child, to brother and sister. What is already accepted as esthetic, beauty derived from others, will fade in comparison to what emerges from the creative family.
The patterns formed by the creative family will breath life into traditions handed down by the generations, blending them with the modern experiences of the young. Contacts between past and present, the refinement that will take place with the amalgamation of the rich, multifaceted experiences of age and the energy of youth, will herald the arrival of the family of the future. This would be a family based and free grow in uniqueness and individuality.» Daisaku Ikeda

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Unfortunately this book is out of print
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